Our day is hardly cool without cable television. The rising cost of living doesn’t mean you have to do without watching your favorite TV program, what you need is a cheap cable alternative with stream TV option; it’s killing two or three birds with a stone?

Yes, you can have cheap cable and stream TV for whole family enjoyment using the following cable alternatives:


This option costs as low as $35 monthly. With it, you can stream TV live and on demand, and there is a sports channel on it to watch and stream your favorite sports. If you use AT&T, you are in luck as you can watch with free data which is an additional cost saving and more money in your pocket. The best part is you can stream on-the-go to have your favorite Cable TV programs streamed live.

If you opt for DIRECTV, you are getting great features such as equipment free because you don’t need any equipment. Also, you are not paying annual contracts, no credit checks and you are free to cancel your subscription anytime you want. It comes with four packages:

Live a Little – it has 60+ channels and costs $35 monthly.
Just Right – it has 80+ channels and costs $50 monthly.
Go Big – it has 100+ channels and costs $60 monthly.
Gotta Have It – it has 120+ channels and costs $70 monthly.

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The Sling TV is acknowledged as one of the best Cable Alternative today. You don’t need equipment or installation fees; it’s a great way to enjoy your favorite TV programs without breaking the bank. Sling TV is a great stream TV cheap cable option that can run on your smart devices and your computer, and it offers several viewing options.

Sling has many cool channels including the top bras such as ESPN, ESPN2, HGTV, Food Network, TBS, History Channel, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, CNN, TNT,

and so many nice channels.


The sling is a cheap cable alternative with three packages:

Orange – it has 28 channels costing $25 monthly.
Blue package – it has 44 channels costing $25 monthly.
Combo – is a combination of orange and blue packages and costs $40 with a $10 discount.

In a nutshell, the Sling TV is my favorite cheap cable, stream TV you can read more here.


If you need a cheap cable that serves as real best cable alternative, Hulu TV is worth the try. Hulu TV stream TV is as low as $7.99 per month. This is it if you are a movie freak! Hulu TV has a cool collection of movies to keep you busy. Other packages cost $11.99 and Hulu live TV costing $39.99 monthly.

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If you find other cheap cable alternative stream TV unsatisfactory, TubeTV USA offers 100% mobile option and in Home Viewing experience to watch your favorite programs. You can cut the cable cord away and have no regret doing so with this fantastic Stream TV technology.

TUBE TV USA supports all smart devices and put you in control of your cable viewing activities. It offers a 1-day free trial and offers convenient subscription; No long-term commitments, No credit check, No cancellation fees, No activation fees and offers 800+ channels and all sports packages with HD programming and very affordable at $15.99 per month.

With these four cheap cable options, you can now cut unnecessary cable costs, get your deserving freedom with the best-rated cable alternative and the best way to stream for your whole family enjoyed. Get your free trial today!

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