Install Official Hydrogen OS v1.4 on OnePlus 2 Marshmallow Update [Google Ready Guide]

On 7th April, Chinese OnePlus 2 got Official Hydrogen OS v1.4 Marshmallow update which is better than Oxygen OS 3.0 in many expects. If you want to install Hydrogen OS in your OnePlus 2 with Google Apps, then follow this Guide. I will only provide you to download everything from Official Links except the TWRP and SuperSu (if you want to root your device). So here we go to look some of the features of H2OS v1.4 Marshmallow update:

Hydrogen OS for OnePlus 2 Screenshot

Hydrogen OS V1.4 update log :

  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow System
  • Officially entered the Android 6.0 era, bringing fast, smooth and safe hydrogen OS experience.
  • Improved sleep management ” Doze Mode ” for saving 30% of Battery
  • Fingerprint recognition speed and security has been significantly improved
  • and many more…

If interested, Check the Overview of H2OS MM v1.4 Video here :

Pros and Cons from my View :

Pros :
  • Great Battery Life
  • Fingerprint sensor is faster that OOS 3.0 (I have tested simultaneously with two OnePlus 2 device)
  • New File Manager with decent features
  • Dark Mode
  • Read Mode
  • Better OTG Management
  • Flip to Mute
  • Unintentional Touch Rejection
  • Stock H2OS is filled with chinese bloatware (Can be remove via Titanium Backup)

NOTE : Official TWRP and Official SuperSU doesn’t work here. But Official GApps works

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HOW TO : Install H2OS v1.4 Marshmallow on OnePlus 2 with Easy and Clean Method :

Still Locked Bootloader with Stock Recovery ? Follow this : Detailed OnePlus 2 Unlocking Guide.

  • Wipe > Advcanced Wipe > Select Dalvik, System, Data, Cache > Swipe to wipe.
  • Go to TWRP Home.
  • Select Install.
  • Select Hydrogen OS v1.4 Zip.
  • Swipe to Install.
  • Again, Go to TWRP home.
  • Select Install.
  • Select Images button at bottom right.
  • Select recovery.img
  • Select Recovery.
  • Swipe to flash.
  • Again, Go to TWRP Home. Reboot > Recovery.
  • Wait to reboot into recovery.
  • Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Select Dalvik, System, Data, Cache > Swipe to wipe.
  • Again, Go to TWRP Home.
  • Install > Select Hydrogen OS Zip. Swipe to flash.
  • Now Go to TWRP home > Install > Swipe to flash
  • Again Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache

NOTE : You will get a Error Message on TWRP Log during the installation of H2OS :
E: unknown command [wipe_data] Don’t Worry. It doesn’t matter  

  • Flash this Modified SuperSu to root.
  • Again wipe Dalvik Cache and Cache.
  • Reboot into System.

NOTE : For the first time, System will take very Long time to start. After that, it will be fine.

Now you are Done ! Enjoy the test of Chinese OnePlus flavor.