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Rated the Best Cable Alternative and the Best way to Stream Tv


Cord cutting can sound scary at first, with a ton of options and decisions to make, but we hope this article will help you find out that cord cutting is surprisingly easy. In fact, you may already have most, if not everything, you need. We want to be here to help you cancel cable TV and stream content online, so you pay less and still get all your shows.

Here are some beginner steps toward cord cutter:

Step 1. Streaming Services

There are a lot of live streaming services available, and it may seem overwhelming, but it is easier than you think. In most cases, you would likely need more than one streaming service, but the good news is that

Droidphoria delivers everything you need in one simple app. With any service you would use, we suggest you take advantage of the free trials to see what fits your needs. We are so confident in

We are sure you will stay with us for all your streaming  needs when you are done with the free trial.

The number of live TV streaming services is growing. Right now you can pick from Sling TV, Hulu, YouTube TV, fuboTV, Philo, PlayStation Vue, and DIRECTV NOW to name a few. But from all we have tested, by far Droidphoria provides the most bang for your buck.

Worried you will miss your DVR? Don’t worry!

Droidphoria has an on-demand feature that allows you to watch anything you might have missed throughout the week.


Step 2. Streaming Devices

Besides picking the correct services, the next thing you need is a device that will stream what you want to watch. The top-selling four devices are Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Apple TV. All are great options for different reasons, but you can count on

Droidphoria is playable on most devices mentioned.

For flexible open streaming players, check out the Fire TV
and Android TV. Both Fire TV and Android TV players allow
side loading of a wide range of apps. If you like to tinker, we
recommend checking them out. Droidphoria performs
extremely well on these devices and can be loaded on these
devices in a matter of minutes
Step 3. Internet Provider and Connection
To get the most from cord cutting you will need internet. Remember when you downgrade from a bundle to internet only you won’t get the best deal. Internet companies save the best deals for new customers.

We suggest you shop around for your internet service provider. Many people think cable is the only way to get fast internet, but for most Americans that is no longer true.

DSL has come a long way, and we suggest you switch back and forth between DSL and cable internet. Every time a provider won’t give you a deal, switch and get the new customer pricing from the other provider. I even found that at one time my DSL company had faster internet than my cable company.

We personally recommend for DSL if you can get it. It is US based with US customer service reps. It also has no data caps, so you can stream all you want. No matter who you go with, don’t be afraid to switch ISPs when your contract ends.

Also, keep an eye out for fixed wireless internet and 5G wireless internet. These are new services rolling out across the US that are offering new options for high-speed home internet. Although only in a handful of markets today, they say by the end of 2020 they will be available in over half of US households.


4. Conclusion

You are set up and ready to go, but before you cancel cable TV unplug your cable box and try being a cord cutter for a month. When my family canceled cable, it took us about two weeks to find all the shows we wanted. Once we found the content we wanted, we never looked back; however, thanks to Droidphoria , everything you need from Sports, PPV, Live Streaming, On demand programs and affordable pricing is in one stop. Saving you time and money that we were not able to save when we first started out as a cord cutter.

Rated the Best Cable Alternative and the Best way to Stream Tv

Congratulations! You are a cord cutter and hopefully a new customer with Droidphoria!