Android Apps For Investing In Mutual Funds


If you are reading this article, chances are, either you’ve already invested in mutual funds, or are looking to do so. Mutual funds are attracting everyone’s attention with their variety of schemes and plans. Investing in mutual funds can be tricky if you are new to this.

Perhaps you are confused about the right way or platform. There are many android apps available in the market for investing. To sort out your confusion, given below is a compilation of the best android apps to manage your mutual fund investments. So without further ado, let us go through the apps:



This is a very simple app for investing your money in mutual funds. The features are really helpful and easy to use. With its smooth interface, Savart allows you to start an investment with as low as 10 rupees. It also helps you invest in ELSS mutual funds to get tax exemption under section 80C.

Investors can go paperless with Savart app and also save transaction fees. You can now open an account, invest in stocks and shares straight from your mobile phone without having to visit any bank.

There are auto and manual modes available in the app. The auto mode helps beginners to make an investment in mutual funds.

Appealing to beginners and experts alike, Savart is a user-friendly app which is bound to make your mutual fund management easier.


  • myCAMS


myCAMS accesses investments across multiple mutual funds through a single gateway. You need not remember multiple PINS, Folio numbers and login ids.

Also, you can use both net banking and common One Time Mandate (OTM) to start new SIP via myCAMS app.

Using PAN Level Portfolio View you can track and manage your family wrap portfolio conveniently. The interface of the app is really simple and easy to use.

  • FinGo

Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund has launched a mobile app named ABSLMF FinGo for its distributors.

The interface is really simple; the compact size and quick navigation are some features which make the app really helpful.

The FinGo has a calculator tool calculates the returns of the customer on investment, on the go. Not only this, you can also view your relationship manager credentials along with news and update of the latest happenings.


FUNDSINDIA has made online investing in Mutual Funds, SIPs and Stocks really simple and easy. The app gives you personalised financial support and recommendations; and the ability to make smart online investments that deliver market-beating returns.

It has features like investment in mutual funds, equities, and company fixed deposits. There are zero cost and zero paperwork in using the app. You can also use the SIP calculator to estimate your need based on financial goals. You also get instant alerts for real-time tips, recommendations, and notifications regarding NAV and stocks.

The app offers bank-level security to the users. Therefore, it is a must-go-to option for users who prioritize security above everything else.


Reliance Mutual funds have launched an app called Simply Save which allows you to invest your extra cash and earn relatively good returns, in just a few clicks.

The app has a clean and simple interface which makes it easier for the users to make the most out of their money. The android app works perfectly fine in Android versions 4.4 and up.

  • MF Utility

The MF Utility app has made transactions in India easier and beneficial to all the stakeholders. If you are an investor you can open a Common Account Number (CAN) with the MF utility.

The investors stand a chance of viewing their holdings in all the participating Mutual Funds in a single place. To add to this, there is the convenience of transacting in multiple Mutual Funds in a single order.

You can easily purchase, redeem, switch, transfer and withdraw transaction on any Mutual Fund using the MF Utility. The interface is somewhat difficult for beginners to understand, but once you become familiar with the app, managing mutual funds become a breeze.



Here were some of the best apps available in the market for managing mutual funds. Every app offers top-of-the-line features, and live updates and tracking facilities for investors to make the most of their money. Choose the app which is best for you and begin your road to glory, with a simple click!